Hi, my name is Ralph Smoyer III, and I own and operate the Custom Wood Workshop located in Medina, Ohio.

Custom Wood Workshop’s Beginnings:
After shopping for furniture for my own family, I realized that I could make beautiful quality furniture cheaper than the
high quality furniture stores and much better quality than what the department stores sell.

My Experience:
I began working with wood as a teenager with my father who also enjoys woodworking. After graduating high school I then worked for a
company making hardwood stairs. I also enjoyed working with computers and began a career in the IT world.
I am currently an IT professional during the week, but on the weekends my hobby is woodworking.
Woodworking is my passion and I enjoy seeing my creations “come to life”.

Why Should You Work With Me?
With high quality craftsmanship and high quality wood you can be guaranteed that your furniture will last and be passed on from generation
to generation. I would love to help you obtain beautiful, quality furniture at a price you can afford.