Jenga – for big kids

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Jenga for Big Kids.

This set is for big kids and is great for parties. This is very simple to make.
Made from 2 x 4s and I applied Johnson’s Paste Wax on each of the 63 pieces to make it easier for them to slide out.
With 63 pieces of wood, you end with a stack 31 1/2 inches high. The pieces are stacked by 3s for each row and end up with 21 rows.


8 – 2 x 4s (actual dimensions of 2 x4 is 1 1/2″ x 3 1/5″)
sandpaper 220 grit
Johnson’s Paste Wax (yellow can)

Miter saw or circular saw
Orbital sander or sanding block
Trim Router with 1/8″ round over bit or you can use a sanding block round over each of the 4 edges on all 63 pieces.

The build is very easy. Just very repetitive. Make sure when you purchase you 2 x4’s from the home store or you favorite lumber yard that you check each one. You want to have straight boards and make sure there are no chips or tear outs in the boards.

Each piece is 10 1/2″s long. I would suggest putting a stop block on you miter saw. This will help speed up the process of cutting all the pieces so you do not have stop and measure every time.


Once all the pieces are cut, sand all the pieces with 220 grit and then use a trim router or sanding block to round over all the edges. Once this is completed, I applied one coat of paste wax to each piece.

Completed set. 63 pieces in all. Here you get sense of the size of the set. 31 1/2 Inches tall.

IMG_0491 IMG_0493 IMG_0494

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