Music and woodworking

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Music and Woodworking

Do they go together? Sure they do just like a mortise and tenon.

I have read a lot of different woodworking blogs and websites and I really do not recall anyone really mentioning music while they are out in the shop other then a few times the Wood Whisperer when Marc talked about his wireless headphones. Which are by the way very cool and I need to get a pair. As side note, check out the Wood Whisperer, Marc has a great site and a lot awesome videos. I can only wish I had the time and the resources for my site to be as informative as Marc’s.

I listen to a lot different types of music while out in the shop. Depending what task I am doing at the time will dictate the genre of music I am listening to.

For example if I am putting some sort of finish on the project I just completed, I will usually listen to 80’s hits or 90’s country.
I am big Garth Brooks fan and as far as the 80’s, I grew up in the 80’s and like the music. To me both help me to focus on what I am doing and more importantly have fun while doing something I really do not enjoy doing. I rather mill and build rather then apply a finish on project. It not that I do not want to this, but it is the apply and wait and apply again and wait for that to dry. I could be doing a lot of things while the finish is drying, but I have a small shop and have really no room to have a separate area for finishing projects. I will sing along as I am working at times which is if you are near by, it can be hard on the ears lol.

I am also a big 90’s Alternative grunge band fan. Green Day, Nirvana, Blind Melon are a few of my favorites to name a few. I usually listen to this while I am planning out my cuts or while actually milling the lumber for the current project. I usually wear my head phones with my ear muffs over top. This really helps to drown out the noises of the machines. Mostly the shop vac.

Does anyone else listen to music out in the shop and have specific genres of music they listen to? Or I am just a weird?

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